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Beyond the Webinar - Embryo Biopsy - Level Up
Episode 233rd February 2023 • International IVF Initiative Podcast • The International IVF Initiative
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Welcome to another Beyond the Webinar episode of the I3 Podcast, where we're joining the after party which followed the Embryo Biopsy webinar which you can view in full here. Nearly 1k people joined the webinar which focused on the practice of blastocyst biopsy with experienced biopsy practitioners. It was a fascinating conversation highlighting the practicalities when performing this delicate technique in the routine IVF lab, giving valuable advice on the methods, troubleshooting and tips. In this episode you will join the moderators Thomas Elliott and Dr. Tony Anderson along with speakers Debbie Venier, Dr. Charlene Alouf and Dr. Bec Holmes and members of the I3 team all discussing how it went 

What was discussed:

  • Re-biopsy something every embryologist possibly has questions on - challenges around rebiopsing 
  • TBR’s - when the embryo doesn’t seem worth it
  • When TBR’s are planned according to when the lab has time  
  • The impact on a lab that is short staffed. 
  • Cost implications 
  • Data available on rebiopsy age vs aneuploidy/ euploid
  • Grading
  • Read rates - spectrum and how labs vary 
  • 40% of embryos tested have aneupoliody and the impact this has on implantation
  • Should these test be done on all patients?
  • The impact on Day 5 or Day 6 biopsy and implantation rates

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