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How to Change Your Money Mindset
Episode 3622nd October 2020 • Holistic Business Matters • Helen Harding
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Love it or hate it, money is the basis of our day to day transactions – it is the way the world operates. Once you can pay yourself a proper wage you can be charitable, but you must earn enough to stop the struggle first.

You have a relationship with money, and the same as with any relationship, you have to give it attention and treat it with respect if you want it to flourish.

Consider money as energy – it flows into and through your business providing you with choices.

In order to make more money in your business, you have to get past any mindset blocks that are sabotaging your success.

  • (02:01) What are your money stories?
  • (03:38) What stories do you hear from your colleagues?
  • (04:42) Beliefs
  • (06:56) 4 Steps to change your money beliefs
  • (07:02) Step 1: Being aware of your money beliefs
  • (08:07) Step 2: What do you want to believe instead
  • (08:58) Step 3: Changing beliefs
  • (10:24) Step 4: Create a plan of action

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