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Ana Reed | Transforming Leadership: Exploring Courage, Psychological Safety, and Authenticity
Episode 2613th June 2023 • The Happiness Squad • Ashish Kothari
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In today’s episode, Anil and Ashish sit down with Ana Reed to explore the interconnected concepts of courageous leadership, psychological safety, and embracing one's authentic self. These principles hold immense value within organizations, fueling human flourishing and fostering thriving cultures at every level.

An experienced CEO and executive advisor, Ana offers valuable insights from her extensive background working with global leaders. Coming from a multicultural Australian community and a sports-oriented family, Ana's journey as a professional athlete fueled her interest in human performance and its correlation with effective leadership.

Ana founded Newmanity in 2020, providing transformative solutions to a wide range of industries, including ecommerce, mining, consumer healthcare, CPG, publishing, and sports. Through Newmanity, she assists CEOs and leaders globally, helping them navigate complex challenges and transition towards a more balanced and ethical style of leadership.

Throughout the episode, Ana delves into essential principles, emphasizing the significance of business, social, and human values. Drawing from her experience working with leaders across all levels and teams on the frontlines, Ana highlights the importance of heart-centered leadership and how it brings a company's strategy and purpose to life.

Moreover, Ana shares practical strategies and tips for cultivating courageous leadership, establishing psychological safety, and creating an environment that encourages individuals to embrace their authentic selves. Listeners will also discover how Ana empowers women in leadership roles and underscores the importance of collaboration between men and women in reshaping the future.

Enjoy another enlightening conversation that will help you rewire for happiness!

What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • Joy and suffering are interconnected, and finding meaning in suffering can lead to a more joyful existence.
  • Business, social, and human values are crucial in driving business performance and creating purposeful organizations.
  • The importance of building a supportive and inclusive community within organizations.
  • Courageous leadership involves facing the truth and addressing deeper emotional and human issues within teams.
  • Cultivating awareness is crucial in building psychological safety and fostering open dialogue.
  • And so much more...


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