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EP020: Interview with founder Jason Calacanis
Episode 2010th March 2008 • Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing for Law Firms Podcast • Ten Golden Rules
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10 Golden Rules Internet Marketing Podcast Episode 20 A live conversation recorded immediately after the Affiliate Summit Keynote address with Jason Calacanis founder of and Weblogs Inc., a Special Social Media Miracle from Keith Burtis, Alpha trial,, we discuss the eBay pricing and rating changes controversy and kafuffle, meet the controversial black hat Ted Murphy of Pay Per Post, Tips for using Social Media News sites like DIGG and SPHINN, New policy for Google AdWords, Scott Pooler, Larry Port’s Joke of the Week, Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original Song). Once. “Falling Slowly” Music and Lyric by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.

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Show Notes:


Upcoming Presentations (

eBay Live

03:15  Keith Burtis – Social Media Miracle

Podcamp Toronto

09:18  Scott Pooler Call In All Business Auctions

Seesmic Alpha Test

12:29 Auction Wally Call in the eBay Kafuffle

16:03 Joke Of The Week – Larry Port from Rocket Matter

Live From the Ten Golden Rules Blog

18:01 Susan


19:51 Jeff

23:05 Michael

26:31 Interview with Ted Murphy Pay Per Post

35:40 Discussions with Jason Calacanis of

Tools Jason Uses for personal Productivity and Fun Online

Webkit is faster than Firefox with plug ins


Colqiy for MAC

MIRC for PC’s


WiFi Router to share with friends plug in your evdo card

Twitter My own personal Bat Signal

Jason’s Podcasts

TWIT This Week in Tech

The Gilmore Gang

The Daily Search Cast with Danny Sullivan

Mahalo Daily Video Show

Jason’s Blogs


Fred Wilson

Dave Winer

Brad Feld

Jeremy Lue Lightspeed Venture partners


1:03:25 Falling Slowly

Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová

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JAY BERKOWITZ: Welcome to Episode 20 of The 10 Golden Rules of Internet Marketing Podcast. We have two of the most controversial figures in Internet marketing today, Ted Murphy from Pay Per Post and Jason Calacanis, the outspoken founder of  We have a little eBay kafuffle and the Oscar-winning Song of the Week.


FEMALE ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The 10 Golden Rules of Internet Marketing Podcast, featuring the latest strategies and techniques to drive traffic to your website and convert that traffic into sales. Now here’s the CEO of, Jay Berkowitz.

JAY: Well, good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Wherever and whatever time this podcast finds you, thank you so much for joining us for episode 20. I’ve had a couple of wild, wild weeks including a trip to Costa Rica and some recording there, a wild nine days in which I did seven presentations. So if you met us at one of these meetings, if you were at the DMA, the South Florida Interactive Marketing Association search training, our Internet Marketing Boot Camp in Las Vegas, the Rocketplace eBay Conference in Orlando or the Palm Beach Foundation Non-profit event, your audio that we recorded at the events is in the hopper and I promise to get it on the show in the next few weeks.

If this is your first 10 Golden Rules podcast, a warm, warm welcome to you. Each week or so we cover Internet marketing and how to use the Internet for business, personal productivity and fun. You can subscribe for free at iTunes or listen to each show at Just click on the ‘podcast’ link. Or find us on several major podcast directories including Podshow and Podcast Pickle. I record this show in one take using software called CastBlaster and I record interviews at events using an M-Audio digital recorder. There’s no fancy postproduction so you’ll probably get a couple of bumps and baubles. Please join in though, this thing is great when you participate. Call our K7 audio line at 206-888-6606 or email me with questions and comments to jay (at) tengoldenrules (dot) com. Share any new Internet marketing ideas you have or websites you’re using to improve your personal productivity.


JAY: There’s the intro to a song called “Falling Slowly.” It’s actually the Oscar winner for Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song. It’s called “Falling Slowly” and we’re going to close the show as we always do, with a PodSafe song, the Song of the Week.

So let’s get rolling with some of our call-ins. First up, Keith Burdiss with a really, really nice social media marketing story.

KEITH BURDISS: Hi Jay, Keith Burdiss here. How are you?   First I want to thank you for inviting me to call in and let your listeners know the little project I’m working on. But first I think I want to give you a little bit of background. In terms of the social media state, I’ve only really been involved in it for about six months now. I got involved first through audio books. After searching around for different content and marketing content I came upon Joe Jaffe’s blog and Joe Jaffe’s podcast. After I had heard the iPhone for an episode and all of the little experiments that he runs on his podcast I really got hooked. Since then I’ve purchased an iPod and I use iTunes and I’ve been listening to yourself and Mitch Joel and Marketing Over Coffee, etc., etc. I really enjoy it.

The reason I’m calling is first off, I want to thank you. I am a wood turner and a cabinet maker. I am trying to get engaged the night before Podcamp Toronto. I’m actually going to Podcamp Toronto and I’m using that as a little bit of a diversion to ask my girlfriend to marry me in terms of not just taking her on a trip and having a little bit of a diversion. I get to learn a little bit of something and at the same time get to spend a nice weekend with my girlfriend and ultimately, hopefully, get engaged, as long as she says yes. But the bottom line was I was right on track for making all of my payments to the folks that made the ring for me and it turned out that that weekend was going to be perfect, in terms of paying the ring off. I came into a little bit of a snag with my car and I had to put a bunch of money into that last week. So I thought I’d try to turn a negative into a positive and I’m going to talk to the folks that I talk to every day on Twitter and other blogs and influential media makers and whatnot and try to start a little fund if you will, where I could actually deliver value to the community through my wood turning and sell some of my bowls and some of the wine stoppers and stuff that I make. Really give value to the community and sort of use it as a social media experiment at the same time where they can come to my site, which is, and underneath the ‘social miracle’ button you’ll find my little social miracle page where I am turning bowls, literally day and night, and selling them on my webpage to basically fund the ability to get the ring. The hotel is booked. I’m using Twitter. I’m blogging on WordPress and I use a little bit of Facebook. Those are basically the venues I’ve been using for the last six months and I’ve really been able to build up a community. I know that you talk about that a lot on your podcast – the importance of building a community and building long tail content. I’m really beginning to see the light on that type of stuff. So thank you for inviting me to comment on your podcast. Ultimately you did purchase a bowl from me and I’m extremely grateful and extremely thankful for that. Hopefully if your listeners are interested they will swing by my website and help my social miracle come true. It is Monday right now and my social miracle project will have to end by Wednesday because Friday is Podcamp Toronto and when we’ll be leaving. That’s it. Again, thanks a lot. Thanks for your content and I look forward to all your future episodes. Bye.

JAY: Well thanks for calling in Keith. I first heard about Keith’s outreach on Twitter. I went to his website and there was a handcrafted bowl called the “Pot of Gold Bowl.” Of course it had to come to the 10 Golden Rules head office, being the Pot of Gold Bowl. So I bought the bowl. I sent Keith a note and Keith was good enough to call in. Now here’s the great news, everything went according to planned. Keith achieved his social media miracle. He raised the money for the ring. They made it to Podcamp Toronto. I have the bowl and Keith is happily engaged to his now fiancé. It’s too late to contribute to ring, but if you like wood art it’s not too late to check out Keith’s website. There’s some really interesting stuff there and a really interesting case study for social media. Of course all the links will be in our show notes.




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JAY: Next up we have a couple of calls regarding eBay. I have some interesting speaking engagements lined up. I have to send out a big thank you to Scott Pooler and Debbie Levitt. They recommended me for eBay Live. I will be speaking at eBay Live with some notables including Seth Godin and, I think I follow the CEO of eBay. I can’t thank them enough. It’s a massive event. I think there’s somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 people who attend eBay Live. So let’s get to Scott Pooler who was kind enough to recommend me. He’s a podcast listener and he recommended me to the eBay conference.

SCOTT POOLER: Hi Jay, it’s Scott at I’d like to thank you for accepting the challenge to come to the AsWas Conference at Disney February 28th – March 1st. We appreciate you coming and joining us eBay people at the AsWas Conference and giving us the keynote address on the final day so we can all learn some more Golden Rules. I’ve been an avid fan of yours ever since I found your podcast on iTunes. I have learned many, many things from your podcast and other sources of information you’ve directed me to. Hopefully some day I can be a resource depended upon as much as you are. I’ll be speaking at the conference on eBay consignment sales and I’ll be very pleased to hear your keynote speech. I just wanted to call in and thank you for coming to Orlando, helping us to present the advantages of Internet marketing to all the eBay sellers out there. Have a great month. I know you’ll be busy. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Orlando. Have a great evening or great morning or great afternoon. One last question, any new Internet social networking applications that you’ve been using lately? Have a great day Jay.

JAY: Thanks Scott. We have some audio from that event coming up and also some contributions from Scott. It was great to meet a podcast listener live in Orlando. Scott is a real pro at Internet marketing. He had a couple of great suggestions. We’ll be sharing that in the next week or two. To answer your question, there is one new social application I’m checking out. It’s called Seesmic. I kind of compare it to a video Twitter. You’re able to download short videos and create a Twitter-like homepage for your recent twitters, recent video tweets. So that’s I got invited to the alpha. It’s really just rolling out. It’s not available for Mac yet. There’s a few bumps that they’re working out. It’s a founder out of France and it got a new round of funding. So we’ll watch Seesmic.

The other thing I’m really getting into is It’s a great tool to analyze web traffic and competitive information amongst four or five different websites. I seem to be going to Compete a couple times a week to compare the web traffic of companies and their competitors.


JAY:  OK, next up is Auction Wally, Walt Kolenda. He’s been on the show before and he’s commenting on our eBay interview in episode 19 and some of the changes happening over at eBay. The community’s definitely up in arms about this one. Let’s get to Walt Kolenda.

WALT KOLENDA: Hey Jay, this is Walt Kolenda, aka Auction Wally. I run the online antiques appraisal site I’ve been a fan of your blog and your podcast for quite a while now. I’ve referenced it, I’ve commented a few times and have linked from my site.  I just listened to episode 19 of your podcast and I really wanted to weigh in on the eBay thing. I’m not an alarmist, I’m not one of these that just goes out and bashes eBay at the drop of a hat but I really think that you ought to hear the other side of the coin on the changes that eBay’s made. Maybe take a look around at some of the forums for yourself and see the firestorm that has gone on over the latest changes. This is a very big thing. If you’d like to talk to me I’d love to talk to you. I’m an eBay veteran so I know what I’m doing and what I’m talking about. I may be opinionated but I’ve been on eBay for a while and I’ve been 25 years in the auction and antiques business. I’m a licensed auctioneer.

There is a lot to the eBay story. There are a lot of people sitting back, infuriated with the changes. A lot of people don’t understand them. I think what angers people more than anything about the fee increase is eBay kind of sold it to people as fee decrease. “Oh, it’s going to be better for everybody.” And it was really a disguised fee increase, for most people. Basically what eBay did with these fee structures is it’s cheaper and less expensive for the people who don’t actually have much luck selling anything, the people that either list low-end items or list things that don’t sell. If you sell and if you sell in volume you actually pay more. In the real world that’s kind of backwards, isn’t it? In the business world. So Debbie Levitt had good reason for pausing when you asked her if it benefits powersellers. It does not. They get a discount off of … So eBay raised the fees and then they gave them a little bit off of the raised fees.

The thing is people are not even as upset about the fees as the new feedback system they’re going to be instituting. The new feedback system does not allow sellers to leave feedback for buyers anymore. I think it’s a very, very dangerous path they’re going down with that. That’s one of the cores of eBay’s business model, their feedback system. It’s worked extremely well with a few bumps here and there, but it has always worked well and they are taking half of the equation out and tying the hands of the sellers. So thank you, bye.

JAY: Well Walt, thanks so much for calling in. What do you think out there? I definitely want to get Walt on a future show and we’ll discuss this in detail. I know we have a bunch of other eBay experts who listen to this show. Please join in with your comments for Wally and Scott and Debbie. I’m sure they’ll be kind enough to weigh in on this issue. Our call-in line, our K7 line is 206-888-6606. If you have something to share pause the show right now, add us to your speed dial and give us a call.




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JAY: Next up let’s go a little lighter. Here’s Larry Port with the Joke of the Week.

LARRY PORT: Hello, this is Larry Port with 




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