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The 2024 Workplace Flexibility Trends Report
Episode 20510th April 2024 • The Visual Lounge • TechSmith Corporation
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New ways of working, besides being in the office all day, have been a huge talking point since the pandemic pushed many of us into remote or hybrid work. But is this trend dying down in 2024?

We published the 2024 Workplace Flexibility Trends Report recently to dig into what the data says about workplace flexibility today. To talk through the findings, we welcomed two experts on workplace flexibility and analytics – Nida Mehtab, the CEO and Founder of Caryatid, and Kate Lister, President of Global Workplace Analytics, to the podcast.

We explore what the data says about workplace trends around remote and hybrid work, flexible hours, how different generations of workers prefer to work and take part in meetings, and much more.

Download the report today to learn more. You can find the link in the resources section below.

Learning points from the episode include:

  • 00:00 – 03:03 Introduction
  • 03:04 – 03:58 What the Workplace Flexibility Trends Report is about
  • 03:59 – 06:30 The standout findings from our research
  • 06:31 – 08:32 How to find a balance between remote and office working
  • 08:33 – 11:23 Tapping into the “why” of returning to the office
  • 11:24 – 16:41 Why companies aren’t providing the resources to return to the office
  • 16:41 – 24:13 How to bring flexibility into meetings
  • 24:13 – 26:18 How AI tools can help you give everyone a voice in meetings
  • 26:19 – 36:18 Accommodating mixed feelings on commuting to the office and meetings
  • 36:19 – 42:01 How younger generations prefer to communicate
  • 42:02 – 43:16 Why workplaces need to find a middle ground that works for the organization and employees
  • 43:17 – 46:48 How to connect with and learn more from Nida and Kate

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