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The Big Self Podcast - Big Self School EPISODE 55, 29th November 2020
Mind mapping resilience with Karen Nimmo
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Mind mapping resilience with Karen Nimmo

Today we speak with Karen Nimmo, a registered clinical psychologist with a private practice in Wellington, working in adolescent and adult mental health. She also has a background in physical education. In a former life Karen was a print journalist and media consultant. Karen works primarily in performance and life coaching. As a clinical psychologist, she is able to assess, diagnose and treat psychological problems where required. She is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy but draws on a range of models and tools to match individual needs.

Time Stamps:

3:42 We start the conversation with a discussion of how to not just survive during this time but also thrive 

5:07 Karen shares her tools for coping with distress and  building resistance 

6:51 Karen explains the traffic light tool for managing what we can control and what we need to let go of

7:53 Shelley shares how she uses the PIIP - Put It In Perspective - method 

10:24 Karen shares her personal story of her husbands stage 4 cancer diagnosis and the plan that they came up with to help them navigate that time, which eventually turned into her current book 

14:33 We talk about the importance of recognizing the mind-body connection 

20:06 Karen talks about the challenging but therapeutic experience of writing her book, Fish Pie Is Worse Than Cancer

24:45 Karen talks about despair, desperation and disgust as motivators for change 

25:31 We dig deep into finding what’s stopping Shelley from going after her one big goal 

27:35 Karen shares a powerful story about living your life based on a story that no longer holds true for you

31:21 What is the story that you are living that you need some help to confront?  

32:24 Karen talks about listening as an art form 

35:15 Karen shares the reason behind her book ‘10 On The Couch Sessions to Diagnose, Explain and Treat Busy AF People Everywhere’ and her biggest takeaway from it

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