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Teaching Self-Esteem and Confidence To Kids Through Martial Arts with Raja Vaidya
Episode 10328th November 2022 • The Blissful Parenting Podcast • The Blissful Parent
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Because of the negativities that are happening in our society including bullying, raising a kid with confidence and self-esteem is very challenging, but it shouldn’t be overlooked - it’s where our kids start to explode their growth and development. So, how can we instill self-esteem and confidence in our kids? What is the difference between self-esteem and confidence? 

Raja Vaidya once suffered severe bullying because of his lifelong stutter. In this episode, he will dive into how Karate transformed himself from being bullied to someone who’s helping thousands of people build self esteem and confidence for over 37 years as a 6th degree Master Black Belt. Raja will motivate us that any obstacle can be overcome with the right MIND-SHIFT

“Confidence is what other people see about you. Self esteem is what you feel about yourself and what you believe about yourself. We need to have self-esteem and confidence match up together. And when they do, that's when you have a powerful person that can take advantage of their own talents and lead people.” - Raja Vaidya 

About the Guest:

Coach Raja is a Triple threat - Science for the MIND, Karate for the Body, and Music for the Soul. Over the past 3 years he has provided free FB live coaching on Mindset and personal development and helped thousands. His past year the beta launch of “Mind-SHIFT Mastery” yielded a 100% success rate in guiding clients to face their fears. After 37 years of Tang Soo Do training he discovered a pattern in teaching white belts to achieve black belt and he parleys that into business, life, and relations. Now he is a Professional speaker who Keynoted TEDxJNJ, recently won the Toastmasters International Speech Competition (Area) twice, is in multiple Black Belt Hall of Fame, starred in the martial arts documentary movie "The Martialist", and soon to release his new book “UN-Box ME Today.” All of this despite a lifelong stutter which he saved for last to show you that any obstacle can be overcome with the right MIND-SHIFT.

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