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ST#5 – Noise Exposure: Evolving Legislation and Recent Court Actions with Andrew McNeil
26th November 2019 • Safety With Purpose Podcast • Safety With Purpose Podcast
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In this episode Patrick chats with Andrew McNeil about the impact of noise-related legislation and the outcomes of recent court cases that are game changers in terms of managing noise at source.

Andrew talks first about hearing, the function of listening and the incredible sensitivity of the human ear.

Andrew describes the evolving regulatory framework for noise control in workplaces and the duty of care employers that employers are required to meet.

We chat about cases studies where significant hearing loss was sustained from workplace exposures, including a unique case of acoustic shock syndrome, that resulted in a significant monetary award to the injured employee.

Control of noise at source is a legislated requirement that employers need to be mindful of before PPE and other, less effective, controls are considered. Sound and vibration identification and damping technologies are advancing rapidly. These technologies are further sustained by a variety of consultancy and workplace analysis services that assist employers when investing in noise control methods.


Andrew is Managing Director of McNeil Collective a new breed of health and safety consultancy.

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