This is how to win in venture capital with Greycroft Co-Founder & Partner Ian Sigalow
31st March 2021 • Innovation with Mark Peter Davis • Interplay
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Ian Sigalow is the Co-Founder and Partner of Greycroft, one of the biggest and most successful VCs out there. Over their 14 year history they've invested in a long list of success stories such as Public, Acorns, Goop, Bird, and many more.

On this week’s episode Ian and I discuss the strategies Greycroft has followed in order to grow into a firm that manages more than $2 billion. We chat about how they evaluate talent, sectors, and global trends as well as specific do’s and don’ts for the world of venture capital. Ian is wildly smart and very candid so I hope you find the convo to be helpful and informative. Enjoy!

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