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288. Live Your Fullest Life: Top Takeaways on Business, Motherhood, Healing & the Science of Saffron with Nikki Bostwick #FabulousFriends
Episode 28823rd February 2024 • Be Well by Kelly Leveque • Kelly Leveque
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Get ready for an unfiltered conversation that’s full of takeaways for entrepreneurs, moms, and anyone looking to live their life to the fullest. I’m thrilled to welcome Nikki Bostwick, host of The Nikki Bostwick Unfiltered Podcast and founder of The Fullest, a saffron-based product line dedicated to sharing the mental health benefits of saffron supplementation.

In today’s wide-ranging conversation, Nikki vulnerably shares her personal and business journeys. We talk about Nikki’s experience with an eating disorder, ADHD, and healing from generational trauma along with her family.

We have an honest, revealing conversation about the expectations and pressures on working moms, and how Nikki has navigated her postpartum journey while running her business.

We also talk about Nikki’s path to starting and evolving The Fullest brand, and her advice for other entrepreneurs. Hint: Focusing your vision is a game changer! Plus, Nikki explains why she built her business around saffron and the spice’s superpowers for the body and mind. For 15% off The Fullest Shop, use the code BeWellByKelly at checkout.

We also cover:

(00:02:34) Nikki’s Journey to the Fullest

(00:08:43) Exploring the Science of Saffron

(00:10:48) Nikki’s Experience With ADHD

(00:16:52) Healing From Generational Trauma

(00:25:32) Nikki’s Personal History With an Eating Disorder

(00:32:03) The Pressures & Expectations on Working Moms

(00:40:05) Postpartum Hormonal Changes

(00:40:58) Following Your Intuition in Business

(00:43:28) Revealing Saffron’s Superpowers

(00:44:38) Focusing & Simplifying Her Vision


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