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How to keep people on your website for longer (and why you want to)
Episode 122nd May 2022 • Travel Marketing & Media ® • Sandra McLemore
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One day, somebody in a boardroom said this...

let's sell furniture to people and make them build it themselves. And let's make them walk around the store following arrows so that they look at every single thing we want them to

🇸🇪 You see, IKEA had a plan. They knew what they wanted to sell and what they needed people to do to make those sales.

Everyone who visits a store has to walk a route from start to end. They see every display room and product - maybe in a hurry with one eye closed or maybe with a phone snapping photos, either way, they see it.

This is my favorite example of having a sales goal and a marketing tactic to support it.

You most likely don't have a shopfront like IKEA. Wait... you do. Your website.. and it's open 24/7. So what are people doing when they walk into your IKEA? Are they wandering around aimlessly or are you guiding them with purpose? In this episode, we'll talk about how to keep visitors on your website for longer.