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Episode 5028th August 2020 • Moments with Moni • Monika Hardy
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I had a wonderful time questioning Patrick about his life and was blessed to hear all that he had to share. Life is hard, but God has pulled him up out of the muck of this world, just like He does for others when they surrender their hearts to God Almighty. It doesn't mean life will be all roses and rainbows from here on out, but for those who do surrender, God will never leave them alone. If you are struggling with the weight of life on your shoulders and need to talk with someone, call a friend or family member. If no one understands you, call number below. No matter you are right now, bow your head and God will hear you and He will answer.

The National Suicide & Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8259

One of Patrick’s favorite things to say is “God does not have any grandchildren”. As the son of a pastor, Patrick grew up around church all his youth. But once he was old enough, Patrick stepped away from the church and charted a path on his own out in the world. Through his 20s and 30s, he wandered through various stages of life alone and lost. It was not until he hit rock bottom, after a second failed suicide attempt, did he see the need for Christ as his savior in his life.

Once saved, Patrick took his talents and turned them to the work of the Lord. Patrick has served as the Mission Supervisor for his local Rescue Mission since 2017, has been a deacon at his home church and is on the A/V production team since 2015. In 2019, Patrick decided to take his years experience as a wedding DJ and turn it into A Guy and His Bible. Each week, he explores bible passages which have been meaningful and impactful to him the previous week.

In his spare time, Patrick is working on obtaining his Associates Degree in biblical studies and enjoys reading (Steve Berry is his go to author) and is an avid music fan, with The Killers, The Beatles, Sister Hazel and Oasis topping his list of all time favorite artists. He is also a self proclaimed Apple Fanboy and shuns any attempt to sway him to Android.

To read more about Patrick or contact him, read the Blog post that goes along with this episode HERE

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