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Emotional Sobriety Unmasked with Guest: Abigail Gazda
Episode 7014th April 2024 • Adult Child of Dysfunction • Tammy Vincent
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Welcome to today's episode! Join us as we sit down with the incredible Abigail Gazda, a visionary leader in the world of personal development and empowerment. As an esteemed author, publisher, and CEO of Hearts Unleashed, Abigail brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to our discussion.

In this powerful episode, Abigail shares her journey of transformation and empowerment, shedding light on the difference between chemical sobriety and emotional sobriety. With her expertise as a Clarity Coach, she offers valuable insights into the silent struggles many face and how to break free from the cycle of self-abandonment.

Through candid and heartfelt conversation, Abigail empowers listeners to embrace their authenticity and unleash their inner leader. She delves into the importance of speaking up about our struggles and finding the courage to pursue a life of fulfillment, impact, and legacy.

Tune in as Abigail shares her inspiring story and provides practical strategies for creating positive change in your life. Get ready to be inspired, empowered, and uplifted as we dive deep into the transformative power of self-discovery and personal growth. Don't miss this episode with the extraordinary Abigail!. If you would like to find out more about Abigail, you can find her at:

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About Tammy:

Tammy Vincent, a survivor and thriver, has transformed her life from the challenges of being an adult child of two alcoholic parents. With a Masters in Education and addiction and recovery certifications, shes a beacon of hope for others on their paths to transformation. 

As a devoted mother of three grown children and a loving wife, Tammy's personal journey of healing and empowerment has led her to become a certified life coach and NLP practitioner. Her dedication to growth has been illuminated through her best-selling books, two powerful volumes that offer insights, guidance and inspiration to those seeking their own paths to healing.

Tammy’s mission is clear; to guide others out of the darkness and into becoming the best versions of themselves. Her journey, from survivor to certified life coach, NLP practitioner, speaker and author, exemplifies the incredible strength of the human spirit and the possibility of rewriting our stories from a place of empowerment and healing.

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