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Top 5 ways to stay stuck after failure
Episode 4211th September 2020 • The Big Self Podcast • Big Self School
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After a letdown, the idea is to gather your strength especially in the places you feel broken and bounce back even higher than you fell. Failing and falling is a part of life. It’s a part of growth, if you use it right. A setback is a setback if you don’t. Setbacks can lead you to getting enveloped in fear and anxiety. They can keep you looping in mediocrity, jaded and scarred.

At the same time, failure offers you an opportunity to grow and learn from your shortcomings. Failure is a mindset. You don’t really fail until you choose to end the story there. When you call yourself a failure, you begin to inhabit the identity of a failure. Every unsuccessful attempt isn’t a failure as long as you keep trying to learn. If you want to succeed, think of failure as your teacher—your personal trainer—raising the exercise bar so you can learn from your mistakes.

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