Life is More Than Just Financial Goals
Episode 17827th February 2023 • Minority Money • Emlen Miles-Mattingly
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We are already in the final days of Black History Month! 

As we set our goals, we cannot help but strive for wealth. But how about we recalibrate them and aim for your well-being?

Today’s episode is about setting your goals. We talk about how focusing on the things that speak longevity and genuine happiness as your goal brings you flexibility, clearer perspectives, and better relationships with the people around you. 

Make your goal specifically yours. Reclaim your power to strive for life. Tune in now! 

Key Points:

[3:15] #1 What’s more important to you than money?

[5:19] #2 Flexibility is your power!

[09:19] #3 Make finding your genuine joy your goal!

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