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Tall Can Audio - Tall Can Audio 5th February 2021
TCA Ep786: The Ol Switch-A-Roo
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TCA Ep786: The Ol Switch-A-Roo

Michaela and Matt are back on the mic to take you through your Friday.

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On today's show: Michaela returns once more from radio land to respond to her on air performance review, an all new set of craft beers set things up, Schreids gives us her Royal Rumble thoughts.... limited as they might be, we announce a huge upcoming guest, turn over at the most important position for the Ottawa REDBLACKS, Super Bowl thoughts and predictions, postponements and cancellations are starting to pile up for the NHL, late night Senators games are taking their toll, Matt loses his damn mind on Winnipeg Jets fans, the NWHL are forced to shut down their playoffs, the Olympics begin to look dumber and dumber and the only people who don't realize it are the IOC and so much more.

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