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Deeper Christian Podcast - NRJohnson (Nathan Johnson) EPISODE 94, 13th December 2018
Are You Lost in a Season of Distraction?

Are You Lost in a Season of Distraction?

Deeper Christian Podcast • Episode 94

Tis the Season! … for distraction.

Sadly, in this season between Thanksgiving and the New Year, most people seem to be in a whirlwind of hustle, bustle, busyness, and distraction.

Yet, though we should be focused all throughout the year, this is the season where we should have the most focus, the most intentionality – for the Christmas season truly is to one focus: Christ Himself.

In this episode, I give several fun (and disturbing) statistics for the distraction of the modern world and talk about the necessity of having Christ at the center of our focus and lives, especially during Christmas.

If you feel lost in a season of distraction, then this episode is for you.

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