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How you can get more done in less time whilst running a business with Neill Williams
Episode 2327th March 2022 • Your Dream Business • Teresa Heath-Wareing
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Today’s episode of the podcast is an interview with Neill Williams. Neill is a Master Certified Life and Productivity Coach who helps too busy high-achieving online entrepreneurs scale back their work weeks to 30 hours or less so they can do what they most want to do, most of the time. We talk all about how we can become more productive and organised, as well as staying accountable so you can work smarter and reach your goals working fewer hours. We also give you some of the mindset tools and practical tools you need to do this!  


  • Time does not = money. You can earn a great amount of money working less hours – it is possible.
  • You have to have the mindset in place first to take the action of systemising or delegating in your business.
  • Don’t take your employee mindset into running your own business – you have to think about everything and hold yourself accountable.
  • We are the CEO of our own businesses – everything is down to us.
  • Let go of the cookie-cutter version of what you think a CEO looks like.
  • To have self-integrity – you have to keep the promises you set yourself.
  • Create an amazing relationship and don’t let yourself down by not doing what you planned to do.
  • When you give yourself less time, you have to be more efficient!
  • Cutting hours is a great way to increase your productivity because it limits you being distracted and procrastinating.
  • Ask yourself – does it make the boat go faster? Is what you are doing pushing you towards your goal?
  • Carve out time for being the ‘employee’ eg Fulfilling/delivering your product/service and being the ‘CEO’ eg Marketing/selling.
  • Schedule thinking time – you are solving a problem for someone. Give your brain things to focus on during this time eg what is my goal for next year? What are my next 3 steps?
  • You don’t have to do ALL the things – you need to have a focus and know where you are going.
  • Scaling back the number of hours we have been conditioned to work gives us the freedom to be flexible and spontaneous.


Don’t add complexity when it comes to making money – it only takes one amazing offer or thing done really well and one platform.


  • How Neill scaled back her working hours but still hit 6 figures in her business.
  • How you can work less hours whilst earning 6 figures.
  • How to stay accountable when you are running your own business.
  • How to be more productive in your day and get more done in less time.
  • Intentional productivity vs intentional time-wasting.


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Teresa: Hello and welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. How are you doing? So I've got lots of updates for you for this week. Lots has been going on.

So first update. Have you gone and done the quiz? So the quiz what's your number one business blocker is out and live. If you go to so you can uncover where you're getting stuck in your business and reveal the action steps that you need to grow your business.

Plus you've received a personalized growth rapport and an action plan. We're going to do a whole episode about this quiz because the whole thing was amazing. The process and the work that's gone into it. Like I totally geeked out at the backend of it. And like, cause basically what happens is I wanted it to be really personalized, you know, and it says it's personalized.

And it's really not that personalized when you've done quizzes in the past. So what I've done is when you take the quiz, the page you finish on that gives you the name of where you're stuck is kind of the, the overall, yeah, this is the area you need to focus on. However, The report that I've put together and I'm laughing because it's crazy.

I talked, I was having some sessions with active campaign because we were moved over to that or moving over to there. And which, again, I'll talk about properly at some point. And also having conversations with the lovely Kylie who built the quiz and both of them, when I said how many options of the report I needed and wanted, they would just like 'What on earth.'

Because I've made it very personal. So basically there are three main questions within the quiz itself that I pull out and put into the report. So your actual answers, I tell you the next thing you need to do in your business. And this is all based off my dream business growth path, which is in the club, which is phenomenal.

It's a, we've spent a long time putting it together. It's very, very detailed in the sense of use you pick a section. So it might be social media. It might be content. It might be sales. It might be emails. It might be your community. It might be a team. And basically you work through that. And you go into a section of the growth path and it will say, you know, where are you?

And you basically decide, is this the level I'm at? And then if that's the level you're at, it tells you exactly what you need to do to get to the next level. And then at the end of each section of the growth path is a quiz and well, not a quiz, an assessment where basically you mark it and you put in the answers and if you pass, you can then move up into the next level.

But basically. It isn't, it sounds like a course. It is so not a course. Like this. And I think I've talked about through the pathway took me almost seven years to do, and I'm not saying it's going to take you seven years. Cause obviously I changed and tweaked and I had to learn along the way, but basically I've taken all the things that I've learned and all the steps that got me, all the things where my business really moved and improved and I've put them into pathway.

So good. So the quiz is linked to the pathway, um, and the content comes from the pathway. So the report that you get is so good, I am so very excited.

And then at the end of the report, it tells you which level of the club is most appropriate to you, to where you are in your business. Honestly, I've had way too much fun doing this, probably spend way too much time. So that's the first thing the quiz. The next thing is we are doing a free workshop. Now I am going to be very aloof in telling you what the workshop's about because at this point I am still finalizing things.

Now it makes me so very unorganized and ordinarily I'm not a very organized. However we have done so much stuff. So what I want you to do is I want you to head along to okay, all one word. I will put a link to it in the show notes. And that is going to tell you what this free workshop is all about, where you get to come and sit with me and work on your business for free for a couple of hours.

It's going to be cool. Okay. So that's that? Sorry. It's very aloof. I promise I'll give you more information next week, but it's going to be on the 16th of March. So don't hang around if you're listening to this late, because you want to get booked on while there's still space. Okay. So that's that.

And then the third thing is my website went when live. I told you we've been very busy, which is why I'm a little bit disorganized. So the website went live. I love it. I've had such good feedback from it. So we're going to put a link in the show notes, please go and take a look because it's cool. And that was done by the amazing Ben from Shoutable which I will link up to in the show notes, as well as linking to Kylie who did the quiz and active campaign.

So all of those links are in there if you wanna go and check out any of that stuff. Um, but do go sign up for the workshop. Do do the quiz and do go take a look at the website. I've given you three actions today. I'm very bossy. Okay. Today we've got an interview with the lovely Neill Williams.

Neill is a Master Certified Life and Productivity Coach through the Life Coach School. She's coached with Rick Mulready's mastermind and is the host of The Unbusy Your Life podcast. After ditching our own belief that success is measured by the number of hours you worked, Neill was about to true achieve true lifestyle freedom while juggling her role as a mum, wife, entrepreneur, and employee.

She built a six figure online business, just working 25 to 30 hours a week while working the demands of a corporate job and making her and her family top priorities. I mean, that just doesn't sound real. Does it? I mean, I've spoken to this woman it is real. But it does sound like, sorry, do you have an extra, so many hours in your week that we don't have?

She did do amazingly well in terms of how she transitioned from full-time work to then starting to doing her business and how much she earned with doing the hours she did. And she's given us some really good strategies in terms of how we can do that. And I'm not saying, how we can only work 25 hours a week, but how we can just become more productive and more organized.

And also things like how do we stay accountable when we're the only people in our business in lots of cases. So, and also when it's our decision as to when we do something, which is why I do stupid things, like I say, go check out this page that doesn't exist right now, but we'll do by the time this episode comes out because it's got to, because we are running out of time.

Like for me, that's how I hold myself accountable by telling publicly what I'm doing and therefore having to do it. But yeah. So we talk about this and we also talk about the fact that it's a mix of mindset and the practical stuff. So that's actually what I really love about this interview, that it wasn't just, you know, dream that you have more hours in the day, got to think we do that on a regular basis.

It was about some of the mindset tools as well as some of the actual practical tools. So go take a listen. Neill is absolutely delightful. We will link up to her in the show notes and let me know what you think. Here's Neill.

So it's my pleasure today to welcome to the podcast Neill Williams. Neill, how are you doing?

Neill: I'm doing great. I'm so excited to be here. Thank you for having me Teresa.

Teresa: So am I. Really excited. So there's lots of great things going to celebrate. Say lots of things close to my heart. Uh, but before we get into that, we always start the same way by you introducing yourself to my audience and letting them know how you got to do what you do today.

Neill: Yeah. So I started off as that typical corporate corporate hustler girl climbing the ladder, doing all the things. And then I became a mom. Then my whole world kind of changed. I was still trying to do the same thing that I had always done, but be a mom doing it. And it just was like creating so much tension and stress in my life.

So I kind of went on this journey. I'm like, I got to figure this out. I don't, I no longer want to be doing the 50, 60 plus hour work week. I want to be really like, ideally in my mind at the time, I was like, if I get just for 30 hours a week, like that would be like a dream come true. Right. So that's the journey that I went on was figuring out how to scale back my corporate work week to 30 hours or less.

And everyone told me, 'Oh, well, you can totally work part time, but you're not going to make as much money.' And I was like, adamant, like, I don't want to make less money. I want to keep making the same amount of money. I just want to do less hours for that money. And so it took me awhile to do that, but I did end up scaling it back to 30 hours and with the help of a coach, that's how I figured out how to do this.

Um, and then once I did that, I was like, okay, I got to teach other people how to do this because I look just like sitting in my office hearing the conversations about how many people are miserable. And they're just like coming to work and punching the clock and feel like they're going through the motions.

And they're so stressed out and they're like living for the weekend and all of that, I was just like, I want to try and make a change culturally, like bigger than just like me and a few clients. Like I literally want to create a movement to change how we're working and why we're doing it the way that we're doing it.

It just didn't make sense to me anymore because there, I figured out a different way. And so I created my business on the side. It started about 10 hours per week. And I ended up growing that to multiple six figures while I was still in the corporate world. I wasn't like, and I was still feeling like balanced.

I still was being a mom and still being a wife. I was still taking care of myself. It was just like this fun thing that I was doing. And I was just making a lot of money doing it. And then eventually I just decided, because I thought I'll just do both, like for as long as I want to. And I totally could. I created a system for myself, those sustainable to do that as long as I wanted to.

And then when I decided that I wanted to leave the corporate world, I could, because it was making so much more money in my side hustle and it just continued it as like a side hustle. Most people would call it a side hustle because of the number of hours that I work, but I'm making a lot of money doing it and super fan.

Teresa: I mean, that's, you know, that's kind of the dream, isn't it?

Like, that's what everybody totally to, if they are in, in a job, you know, to have a side hustle, the abundance, the money that then ends enough that they can leave. If they're not in a job and they have their business, they want to earn the six figures and have that balance. Like. Because that feels like so impossible.

Neill: Totally. Right.

Teresa: How could you even do that?

Neill: Because my mission I've decided that my purpose in life is to do impossible things so that people can follow me and do the things, make it like it's a possibility in the world because someone else did it. And then I systematize it and I create programs around it. And I teach you how to do the same thing I did.

That's my whole purpose in life. Like right now, my husband and I have decided, well, I kind of had to convince him to do this, but our goal for the next year. Yeah, exactly. I decided, and then I had to sell him on it, um, is for 2022, we always do a big goal for our family. And our goal for 2022 is to figure out how to live on a 30K a year budget.

And the reason that I'm doing that is not because I have to, but because I think so many people, they tell me all the time, I can't leave my job. I can't do this business because I have to provide for my family. But what I want to show is you can actually provide for your family and have a very enough lifestyle.

Are not about of money. And so that's my next like, challenge that I'm throwing out for myself and I'm going to figure out how to do that. And I'm gonna share along social and all the things I'm gonna share my budget and share like all the things. But that is really just like my goal for my life is just to do these crazy impossible things that people think are keeping them stuck, doing what they're doing when it doesn't have to be that way.

Teresa: So I'm just thinking about like. One thing I really love here is that when we talk about goals for business and business owners, everyone always uses the financial goal always, like you've got to win this, like your businesses isn't successful if you don't earn this. And it's like, do you know what yeah, the money is important and don't get me wrong.

Of course, I want to earn big money, but that balance, like, am I willing to sell my soul? Am I willing to not see my children? I mean, that's probably a bonus. I'm joking.

Neill: Some days say it's total bonus. Right.

Teresa: But that's the truth. I'm a mom, I'm a step mom, you're mom, we've got to have that balance there. Isn't, you know, don't get me wrong.

You know, I, I look at the Tony Robbins, this world and, and the Gary V's, he's all about hustle all the time. And it's like, yeah, that's cool, but you're not managing a home and a family. And you know, and that isn't always that easy to say. So, what is it that your, like, what do you buy into? What's your, because there's lots of different things here.

Isn't that? There's like the hustle has to get up at 4:00 AM and do that. Like, what's your philosophy on this?

Neill: My philosophy is. Really, this is the belief system that I had to adopt to get all these crazy things that I've done so far today is that time doesn't create money. When I let the idea that it takes a certain number of hours to create a certain amount of money go.

That just opened me up to be able to consider, all right, how would I do this? Like if I have 10 hours a week, how do I create a 100K in a business in 10 hours a week? And when you open yourself up to the possibility you start asking yourself those questions, you'll be amazed at the things that...




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