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Captain Do You Know What It's Like When Kerbals Make Love? (Babylon 5: S2 Ep7)
Episode 3222nd January 2023 • The Podcasting Guild: Babylon 5 • The Podcasting Guild
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Bester returns! Everyone's favorite PsiCop stops by for a fun little romp as he tries to track down runaway telepaths. Who's side is Talia on? Join Andrew and Eric as they watch A Race Through Dark Places in this installment of The Podcasting Guild.

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As some of you may be aware, as of the end of January HBO Max is likely to stop carrying Babylon 5 for streaming so if you'd like to continue to follow along your next best bet will be to watch the series on Amazon Prime. This is not an endorsement of either service just want to make sure fans of the show know where they can easily find it!

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