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The Ethical Evolution Podcast - Ethical Change Agency EPISODE 45, 15th November 2020
Ethical Nature with Deb Matlock
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Ethical Nature with Deb Matlock

When I stumbled across my next guest I had equal measures of intrigue and curiosity and knew we definitely had to chat. In what seems to be an ongoing trend, the global connections created through The Ethical Evolution are abundantly strong and this one did not buck the trend.

Deb Matlock is a Shamanic Spirit Guide and Animal Communicator and guides people on their life and spiritual journey using nature and nurture. Deb is based in Colorado USA and is deeply involved in environmental education. 

My dogs Lola & Louie happened to be a part of this episode and were in the studio - so no doubt you’ll hear them in the background but Lola made an appearance, saying Hi to Deb - she is no stranger to a zoom call and just looked directly at her at the screen.

I found my time with Deb so nourishing, like a big warm hug so I hope you pick up on some of that too.

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