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Journey of Service: From Marine Corps to Civilian Success featuring Kevin Horgan
1st December 2023 • Veteran Voices • Supply Chain Now
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In this new, candid episode of Veteran Voices, host Mary Kate Soliva welcomes listeners to a conversation brimming with personal narratives and invaluable insights. As the episode unfolds, guest Kevin Horgan, shares the rich tapestry of his life, unveiling the profound impact of his Marine Corps journey on his identity and subsequent civilian career.

Through anecdotes and reflections, Kevin shares his story—a narrative woven with moments of resilience, self-discovery, and the ever-evolving pursuit of purpose. From his humble beginnings in New Jersey to the pivotal decision to join the Marine Corps, every step illuminates the complexities of a life shaped by service.

Join this compelling dialogue as it navigates through themes of mentorship, resilience, and the art of navigating transitions, and traverses the landscapes of service, personal growth, and the enduring spirit that defines the veteran experience. Through shared stories and heartfelt wisdom, this episode embodies the essence of Veteran Voices, embracing the humanity behind the uniform and offering a profound glimpse into the life of one remarkable individual.

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