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FORMULA INDIE 24.01.2022
24th January 2022 • Formula Indie • European Indie Music Network
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Pflames – High Anxiety

Phillip Good – Good Girl

Tate Sedar – Heaven

Phillip Good – Let The Song Cry

Rocky Rose – Let’s Ride

O Memorie - Use Me, I Choose You

Priestess – Echoes of You

Kute Juergens – You’re the one for me

Marla Lewis – We all Laugh in the Same Language

Greye – Everything

Stephen Wrench – Beautiful Pain

Andy Aledort – Out for a Ride

Andersonlane - A Little More Sand

Jonathan Cavier – Wall of Glass

E;R! feat. Susana Williams – I Belong Here

[man among men] – Supernatural (An Interlude for Jason Becker)

Avalanche The Architect – Crazy

Zarbo – They Lie

Lance Mitchell – Smile

On Ithenfal’s Wing – Freedom

Pamela Hopkins "One More Last Kiss"

Anthony Casuccio – Not Alone

Fuoriorario – Niente

Anthony Williams – Loyalty

Alfreda Gerald – Jump to it

Matilde G - Milk N' Honey

Jacopo Bagorda – Napoli di Sera

Stefano Bertozzi – Rise & Shine

Jarvis Lane – Dear John

Once Great Estate "Shelbyville Inn"

Black Rose Burning - An Anthem For The Strange

Jeremy Parsons "Things To Come"