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Owning Your emotions AGAIN! - Step one in taking back your Emotions the Good, the inner outburst, & toxic emotions
Episode 2998th July 2024 • Man vs Marriage • Quincy Moran
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As the young folks say these days, "This episode slaps bruh"

Yeah, it's funny AND it's absolutely true. Whom in your life has the codes? The codes to what you may be asking, the codes to the nuke in your emotions. Years ago I found myself in a place where I consistently renewed rent in other peoples drama, NOT ONLY did I keep paying the bill in places I had no desire to be I allowed their actions, attitudes, moods, baggage, misery, and toxicity to strike a match near my fuse. I decided I did not want to allow anyone to cause me to lose control of my emotional wellbeing and snap, argue with ferociousness I was sick of allowing my circumstances to dictate my attitude and emotions. I began the journey at that time and it's been well over 15 years.

FOR THE RECORD: I am not perfect in this area. I still find myself stepping in piles of BS that other people have dropped in my path. Understand also, this does not mean there isn't a time to display emotions and take immediate action, it is however a path to creating intentional response rather than petty reactions.

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The book I mention in the show: It Takes What It Takes: How to Think Neutrally and Gain Control of Your Life (Audible Audio Edition): Trevor Moawad, Trevor Moawad, Russell Wilson - foreword, Russell Wilson - foreword, HarperAudio: Books





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