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TCA Ep1034: Is Alfie A Hall Of Famer? Which Toronto Blue Jays Catcher Should Be Traded? Why Do Gary Bettman & The NHL Suck So Much & More
13th November 2022 • Tall Can Audio • Tall Can Audio
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Rob and Matt are back on the mic at the start of another TCA week. LFG!

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It’s a jam packed episode of TCA as we discuss the Toronto Blue Jays having an abundance of catchers to trade from, the US midterm elections showing that the electorate still has a brain and that the Republicans may have a Donald Trump problem, the Senators manage to stay alive after a lengthy losing streak, the World Cup of Hockey gets postponed again because we wouldn’t want to interfere with Russia’s invasion of a sovereign nation, the Boston Bruins absolutely sh*t the bed with the Mitchell Miller signing and so much more.

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