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004: Jealousy
1st March 2017 • Everyday Mindfulness Show • Holly Duckworth
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Host, Mike Domitrz, welcomes CAST members Rick Clemons, Barry Moniak and Tal Peretz to discuss this week’s topic, jealousy. Jealousy is an aspect of the human condition that cannot only be overcome, but done correctly, can be used as a way to self-reflect and grow. Each CAST member shares their own experience with overcoming jealousy, the impacts in our daily lives and how they tackled the fear that spawned it. Subscribe to the Everyday Mindfulness Show.   Key Takeaways: [1:04] Mike and the CAST share initial thoughts on jealousy, as they reflect on their own experiences. [8:00] How to recognize when you are in the negative mode of jealousy. [15:49] Rick shares a triumphant story of what can happen when you overcome jealousy. [19:37] Removing the word jealousy from your vocabulary to identify underlying issues. [24:40] Jealousy stems from fear.   Rick Clemons is the Author of Frankly My Dear I’m Gay, Host of The Coming Out Lounge podcast, certified life coach, TEDx Speaker, world record holder, and a guy who’s helped 1000’s of people in over 50 countries across the globe come out of the closets of their lives to escape their bullshit, explore their fears, and elevate their f*cking self-expression.   Barry Moniak brings insightful experience and profound discovery to his entertaining, interactive presentations. He inspires audiences to embrace a “befriend fear” mindset to build focused, energized, synergistic winning teams. Known affectionately as the “CEO Whisperer”, Barry gets leaders to not see people as they think they are, but rather as they truly are. He identifies operational strengths and weaknesses and creates a “befriend fear” modus operandi. This is the foundation for an extraordinary, winning, synergistic culture.     Tal Peretz is an assistant professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies at Auburn University, and the co-author of Some Men: Male Allies and the Movement to End Violence Against Women, with Michael Messner and Max Greenberg. He has engaged in and studied social justice allyship and activism for over a decade, and has been published in academic journals, edited volumes, popular and activist/professional newsletters, and online. He is also a yoga teacher and musician.   Contact Us: The Everyday Mindfulness Show  




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