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The A in DreamMoney™ (Part 1: Abundant Strategy, Systems, & Mindset)
Episode 266th September 2023 • TBD • Megan Hale
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Hey, hey, y'all!

Oh, I'm excited because today we're diving into Abundant Money and I'm sharing some strategies, systems, and mindset I know you're going to love!

In this episode, we're diving into:

  1. Clarifying your monthly expenses (and then intentionally adding extra 😉)
  2. Taking a holistic view of your financial needs because when we "forget" one (or a few), this is the easiest way to interfere with abundant money
  3. Saying your BEST NO so you can say your BEST YES
  4. And the biggest assumptions we make about abundance (*Hint - if abundance is "more than enough"then we need to define what "enough" really is!)

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