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396 | Hire, Fire, and Promote Accordingly
Episode 3963rd May 2022 • CRAFTED Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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You are the CEO. Not just of your business, but of your life. As the CEO of your life, you get to hire, fire, and promote accordingly. Who is on your board of directors? In this episode, Cayla gives you a quick activity and some questions to ask yourself to help determine who your board of directors are and whether your list of contributors needs to be changed, added to, or promoted. She shares who is on her board of directors and ways to choose who gets to be in the know. 

Are you looking for a community of people for your board of directors? Be sure to listen on as Cayla has a way to join the Mommy Millionaire Mastermind community for the support you need and it is just a text away.

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You will learn:

  • [3:15] - You get to hire and fire the people in your life based on what they bring to the table.
  • [4:12] - Cayla wrote down her immediate family and listed the things they say constantly.
  • [5:37] - Chase and Cayla’s mom are top on her board of directors.
  • [6:50] - It is up to you if your kids are on your board of directors. Cayla’s son is part of hers.
  • [7:54] - Who are some other people that could be on your board of directors?
  • [9:01] - You get to choose who gets to be in the know.
  • [10:55] - Have a good mix of male and female friends and family on your board of directors. Ask yourself what role they fill.
  • [12:33] - If you are looking for community and people on your board of directors, text the word “Mastermind” to 661-491-7447 or DM Cayla on Instagram.

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