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Ductless Range Hoods, Battery Powered Lighting, and our 2023 Christmas Contest Begins!
Episode 3352nd December 2023 • The RepcoLite Home Improvement Show • Dan Hansen & Hailey Johnson
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On Today's Episode

  • Hailey's back after a month-long absence
  • No ventilation in the kitchen? What about a Ductless Range Hood?
  • Battery Powered Lighting
  • Christmas Contest 2024

Hailey's Back! [00:00 - 04:03]

It's been a month, but Hailey's finally back!

Ductless Range Hoods [04:03 - 19:00]

Hailey's kitchen doesn't have a range hood. And the location of the windows in the room doesn't make ventilating the space easy. She's looked into having a conventional range hood installed, but the expense of running ductwork is a deal-breaker at this point (she just put a new roof on the house, after all!)

Digging into the problem, she ran across Ductless Range Hoods. These hoods look like conventional range hoods, but rather than moving air out of the home, they filter the air using a charcoal filter system.

Admittedly, they're not as effective as a conventional range hood, but at $200 - $600, they're also a lot less expensive!

If you're in a situation like Hailey is, maybe a Ductless Range Hood is your answer. Here are 4 things to consider before making that purchase:


  • It should be as wide as your stovetop with a small overhang on either side
  • Most models come in 24", 30", or 36"
  • If you're installing on an open wall, make sure the chimney will reach your ceiling. If not, you will need to purchase an extension kit


  • Look for a model with a variable-speed fan
  • Low speeds provide quiet operation for smaller tasks
  • High speeds are necessary when you do serious cooking, sauteing, or frying


  • Most models come in stainless steel, white, and black
  • If you need to match your cabinets exactly, the outside of your hood most likely could be painted. Prep and the right product are key, so stop out at a RepcoLite store and let us help!

Convertible Options?

  • There are also conventional range hoods that can be converted into ductless options
  • They require an add-on kit that includes the filter system.

Battery-Powered Lighting [19:00 - 33:36]

Are you looking to add some lighting to your home but don't want to get into the expense of hiring an electrician? There are battery-powered lighting options out there that could be the perfect solution!

These battery-powered lighting options have improved dramatically in the last few years. You can buy light fixtures that look just like their wired counterparts, but use simple, rechargeable puck lights or light bulbs.

Many come with remote controls (and who doesn't want MORE remote controls in their home?) and they provide you with a very simple installation and professional finished results.

While these lights aren't for every situation, we think they're perfect for:

Under Cabinet Lighting

For right around $25 you can buy 2 rechargeable, LED strip lights that mount in 3 minutes under your cabinets.

Wall Sconces

Battery-powered wall sconces look great and they're easy to install. Check out these examples:

Also, in this part of the segment, Dan talked about some rechargeable puck lights that would work in ANY of these wall sconces (and pretty much anywhere else). Here they are:

Closet Lights

My closets are poorly lit. And while wired lighting is ideal, installing battery-powered fixtures is a quick and easy way to solve the problem--at least temporarily-- almost immediately!

Lighting For Art

Do you have artwork on the walls that you would like to highlight? Check out the lighting options below to get an idea of what's available?

Rechargeable Emergency Light Bulbs

Probably our favorite battery-powered option when it comes to lighting are these bulbs from JackonLux!

  • $22 for 2
  • Generally the same size as regular LED Bulbs (though it pays to double-check!)
  • Available in 5000K and 3000K temperatures
  • They recharge as you use them in your wired light fixtures
  • When the power goes out, they will come on and provide light for up to 6 hours!
  • AND, they can be taken out of the light fixture and carried around like a flashlight or a lantern
  • Check them out here!

Our 2024 Christmas Contest! [33:36 - 39:06]

It's that time again! We're launching the giveaway for Christmas 2024 and we're calling it our "Win, Give, and Give" giveaway! And that's because the prize is a $500 RepcoLite Gift Certificate, PLUS a $500 Gift Certificate you can give to a friend. On top of that, RepcoLite will make an additional $500 donation to a charity of the winner's choice! It's definitely a "Win, Give, and Give" kind of prize.

Click here to go to the entry form and to read the full contest rules!




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