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#36 Why having a supporter-centric marketing strategy is the way to go
Episode 366th September 2022 • Sports CDP Crash Course - Data Talks • Data Talks
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This is something that our customer AIK have seen incredible results from when they generated 6 figures during one marketing campaign. So how did they do this? 

Well, as I mentioned, the first step was implementing a CDP. Once they had their data in the CDP and understood a bit more about their supporters, they created what we call segments - that is, groups of supporters that share one or more characteristics and attributes that you identify through the segmentation process. AIK actually only decided to target a segment of their supporters which accounted for only 2% of their entire supporter database. Next, they sent them personalized communications via email urging them to buy season tickets. But they didn’t just stop there, for those who didn’t buy the tickets, AIK sent them a follow-up personalized email reminding them to buy the tickets. Essentially, retargeting them ensuring that their supporters did not miss out on the opportunity to buy season tickets.

Adopting a supporter-centric approach means putting your supporters at the center of everything you do. Whether it’s your pricing, or communications, let your supporters be at the heart of it. Once your supporters see how much you value them, their likelihood of sticking by you, through thick and thin, is much higher. So in a nutshell, the benefits of adopting a supporter-centric approach include increased loyalty from your supporters and higher revenue.

But how can you adopt a supporter-centric approach in a way that you are guaranteed to reap unparalleled results? The answer is of course by using a sports customer data platform. The CDP works by collecting your supporter data from various sources, both online and offline, and then unifying it and cleaning it to remove any duplicate data - thus giving you a complete and unified 360-degree view of your CDP. Thereafter, you can analyze this data to identify patterns in your supporters' behavior such as purchasing behavior and we behavior. The CDP does not just stop there though, it will then help you to act on this data.

In a nutshell, the sports CDP will help you adopt a supporter-centric approach by helping you to firstly, understand your supporters better so you can meet their needs, then secondly reach your supporters better when you segment your supporter data, thirdly, the CDP will help you communicate with your supporters better through personalization, fourthly it will also help you Increase your engagement rate with fans through retargeting, among other things.

So if you haven’t already, start adopting a supporter-centric approach to your marketing strategy today so you can enjoy higher levels of loyalty from your fans and indeed higher revenue too.