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Chapter 153. How the hell do you crotchet a brothel-creeper?
Episode 15310th April 2023 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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Strange episode this week. Actually to be 100% accurate more of a strange recording process.

In the wider context of TCD as a body of work it’s probably bang average, but the journey to get there was more than a little disrupted as you will hear.

And to add to the slightly surreal, there is also the prospect of Showaddywaddy's rhubarb and the Hollies Christmas cards to contend with, not to mention being robbed on both sides of the world at once! 

For those of you further afield "the waddies" might be a cultural reference too far - so I have included some backstory here and a link to their biggest hit here. I have been singing it all week. Buddum-buddum...

Oh and they are still touring! See you in Great Yarmouth on the 16th...



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