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Corey Feldman Comeback King Premier Video Breakdown FT Curtis Young
Episode 58th March 2022 • Gen X Bros. • Gen X Brothers
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The greatest comeback since Michael Jackson. He has risen from the dead to bring us a spectacular piece of music - Corey Feldman releases his greatest Music Video of all time. The Comeback King featuring Curtis Young. We tear this crap apart!

And we mention the time we met Corey Feldman in Hollywood. Or the time he ignored us.

We also discuss the best source for music back in the 80's and it wasn't MTV. It was Columbia House Music - 12 tapes for 1 penny.

The final season of Ozarks is upon us. Our greatest trailer park love is Ruth. Her amazing acting skills and emotional damage.

We can't end any show without talking about Ukraine. Russia is getting closer to defeating the country, will anyone help? Will it be Sean Penn? Ukraine Grandmas elite fighting style. What will Putin do if he looses?

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