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Women in Mathematics
Episode 2011th May 2021 • Womanthology • Womanthology
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Welcome to the twentieth episode of the Womanthology podcast.

Womanthology is a digital magazine and professional community powered by female energy and ingenuity. We champion equal recognition and reward for everyone, sharing opportunities, ideas and a deep pool of collective wisdom – supporting each other to be unstoppable.

In this episode I speak with founder of Maths4Girls, Mina Gerowin. Mina shares why we need to change the way we perceive maths and why we need to keep girls of 11-14 engaged by introducing them to relatable role models. I also speak with Dawn Miller, Regional Executive Officer, Central Region at Chubb. Dawn shares how she got involved with Maths4Girls and the benefits it brings from a corporate perspective.

We will also be hearing from Ines Santos, Womanthology’s associate editor, who is going to be talking us through the written stories in the new issue.

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Join us for the next episode, which is a Soapbox Science special, profiling another one of our favourite STEM outreach organisations.

Take care and stay safe.





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