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Guitar Talk with Southern Rock's Greg Martin and Two Originals with Bruce Hilliard
Episode 22917th April 2022 • Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show with Bruce Hilliard • Bruce Hilliard
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Thank you for being here with me, Bruce Hilliard, and my guest, guitar man Greg Martin of the Kentucky Headhunters. As I'm looking out my studio window (the studio that’s my kitchen and bedroom too) I see a coyote. I live on the Harbour Pointe Golf Club’s ninth hole where sometimes I see people stopping off in the bushes to drain their veins but other than squirrels and Easter bunnies ya don’t get all that  much wildlife.

For wildlife I turn to my day gig at the Home Depot paint department, where doers get more done. I heard a standup comic say: If you haven’t worked retail you haven’t really had a taste of it's a small world afterall. 

One day at the paint department there was a guy that leaned over the counter and asked me what kind of paint would I recommend for a time machine. He specifically asked for fast drying paint to which I responded “Why not paint it in the past?” He agreed and asked what color I’d recommend. I suggested going into the future and checking out the trends. He agreed again and asked if I had any questions for him.

I told him I was a songwriter and was looking for ideas for lyrics. He said “look around and you’ll find them everywhere.”  That night while cleaning up the department for the morning shift I noticed he left some color swatches on the counter. 

Medallion, ginger, alabaster, pearl and ivory white, Xanadu and limousine leather and melody…all color names from the color name gods that gave me the idea for this song, Kaleidoscope Heart. 

Our guest today is guitar wizard Greg Martin with some music from his band Kentucky Headhunters.