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A new menu of options for eczema: A first look at newly-approved treatments
Episode 182nd March 2022 • Eczema Breakthroughs • Global Parents for Eczema Research (GPER)
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In the last few months, a record FOUR new treatments have been approved for eczema in the United States, with other countries considering approval as well. At long last, kids with moderate-to-severe eczema will soon have new, effective options. What are these new treatments, their side effects and what do parents need to know about safety? Tune in as we discuss these emerging treatments with our expert guest speakers: Dr. Amy Paller, Professor of Pediatrics and Chair of the Department of Dermatology at Northwestern University, Chicago; and Dr. Aaron Drucker, Assistant Professor and Dermatologist at the University of Toronto, Canada. (P.S. If you like our podcast consider supporting it with a tax deductible donation).

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