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E255 | Theory of Constraints: Maximising Performance and Profitability with Dr Alan Barnard
Episode 25511th July 2023 • Mind Your F**king Business • Dominic Monkhouse
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Do you know what your main constraint is? What’s holding your business performance back? Our guest this week is an optimisation expert, and he’ll explain how to use the theory of constraints to double net profit without doubling sales, in a conversation that explores the power of identifying and managing constraints to achieve optimal business performance.

This week we learned from Dr Alan Barnard. Alan is a thinker who wears many hats; a researcher, strategic advisor, app developer, and author who resides in the heart of Las Vegas. But what stands out about Alan is his lifelong love for learning and his unique speciality in the Theory of Constraints it's no surprise he's a driving force at Goldrat Research Labs, co-founded with the respected Dr Eli Goldrat.

Alan's journey has seen him propel significant improvements in company performance, taking the likes of Cisco Systems, ABB, and Random House Publishing to new heights. A true advocate for system optimisation, Alan isn’t one to shy away from a challenge—instead, he thrives through finding unorthodox solutions to complex problems, truly demonstrating his ability to help businesses optimise and maximise their potential.

In this episode, Alan talks about how constraints can hinder and possibly fortify your business performance. He says that management attention is probably the only constraint in fast-growing, successful businesses. So, how do you apply it to the right things? Finally, he dives deep into the nuances of system optimization for maximising performance and profitability.


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On today’s podcast: 

  • The power of the Theory of Constraints
  • Optimising performance and profitability
  • What is the ultimate constraint?
  • Why do smart people make bad decisions?


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