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Femdom with SeaAphrodite
Episode 421st May 2024 • Average Takes • Israel Ekanem
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In this conversation, Sea Aphrodite discusses the concept of female dominance, also known as Femdom.


They explore different forms of female dominance, reasons why men are drawn to Femdom, variations in Femdom relationships, and advice for both new Femdoms and men interested in Femdom.




Female dominance can take many different forms, from kink and BDSM to lifestyle relationships.


Men are drawn to Femdom for various reasons, including the desire for relief from always being dominant and the desire to be desired differently.


Femdom relationships can range from play and exploration to permanent lifestyle dynamics.


When choosing playmates, some Femdoms may prefer less experienced individuals to guide and build confidence.


Advice for new Femdoms includes being authentic, playful, and communicative, while men interested in Femdom should be respectful and supportive.




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