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3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms - Rachel Nielson EPISODE 183, 24th May 2021
183: Parenting Children with Anxiety Disorders // Audra Elkington
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183: Parenting Children with Anxiety Disorders // Audra Elkington

This is part 3 of our series for mental health awareness month on how to encourage emotional wellness in our children and ourselves, and today we are covering a topic that we’ve needed to talk about on the show for a long time: how to parent children who have anxiety. 

I feel like Lisa Sabey did a fabulous job in our episode a few weeks ago giving us some real-life scenarios of how to react in the moment when our child is extremely fearful (listen to it here), and in today’s episode, we are hear from Audra Elkington, a mom in the trenches of raising two kids who have diagnosed anxiety disorders and some pro-active things she does to shore up her kids and herself and make daily life more manageable.

I am so grateful that she is on the podcast today sharing her story, and I know so many of you will resonate with her experience.


-Audra Elkington’s 3 Takeaways for parenting children with anxiety disorders-


  1. Write it out. When you are supporting a child who has anxiety, it is important to chronicle the small wins so you can see that even though progress is not linear, it is happening!
  2. Use their interests and talents to help them succeed and give them an outlet. Audra Elkington believes that as hard as it is to let go of expectations and dreams you might have had for your child, it is important to lean into their unique passions and support them in those.
  3. Get physical. Help your child tune in to all five senses and get grounded when they are starting to escalate. 

>>>Will you try any of these tips from Audra Elkington? What would you add to her takeaways? Tell us in the comments below!





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