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Building A Bank for Startups & Helping Them Secure Their Seed Round with Top Investors with Immad Akhund [SDI] | #70 SaaS Podcast
Episode 7022nd December 2020 • SaaS District • Akeel Jabber | Horizen Capital
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Immad Akhund is the co-founder and CEO of Mercury, a bank for startups, engineered in Silicon Valley and aimed for tech companies to help them succeed.

Immad & Mercury had raised over $25 million from investors like Andreessen Horowitz and Charles River Ventures. 

Prior to launching Mercury, he co-founded HeyZap which was acquired for $45 million by Fyber.

During this interview we cover:

  • 00:00 A word From The Sponsor
  • 01:02  Intro
  • 01:58 Immad’s Background, Launching & Exiting HeyZap & $45MM Acquisition  
  • 04:21 What Drove the Success of HeyZap & How Was the Process of Acquisition & Eventual Exit
  • 06:12 How Exiting his Company Changed Immad’s Life & Focusing in a New Market
  • 09:37 Why Did Immad Decided to Focus on a Bank for Startups
  • 12:44 Main Factors or Value Propositions of Mercury that Makes it Suitable, Targeted & Competitive 
  • 14:29 How Mercury Deliver Meaningful & Personalized Experiences 
  • 16:53  Is Mercury for Everyone, Old and New Entrepreneurs?
  • 18:15  Best Growth & User Acquisition Strategy for Mercury
  • 24:09  Innovations being Leveraged to Optimize the Existing Procedures & Processes for Maximum Efficiency in Mercury
  • 26:26 How Mercury Raise  Get Your Seed Round In Front Of Top Investors
  • 31:31  Advice you Wish you Had Known & would Tell your 25 year old self
  • 35:18 Biggest Challenges Mercury’s Currently Facing
  • 37:27 Top Resources Instrumental for Immad’s Success
  • 39:57 What does success mean to Immad Today?
  • 41:06 Future for Mercury, Immad & Where to Get in Touch



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