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Hunt, Grenfell and the Satyr Play
Bonus Episode24th June 2024 • The History Of European Theatre • Philip Rowe
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Bonus Episode 36:

Sometimes things conspire against the podcaster, as has happened to me in the last couple of weeks, meaning that I have not been able to get the promised episode up to scratch in time.  To make up for this and fill the gap I have created an episode that goes back to Greek theatre.  It looks at that most mysterious of the ancient Greek forms, the satyr play and two of the men who were instrumental in vastly increasing our knowledge of these things.

The place of the satyr play in the history of Ancient Greek theatre

The satyr play as part of the Dionysia festival

The satyr play as a counterpoint to tragedy

The later history of the satyr play

‘Cyclops’ by Euripides

The discovery of ‘Trackers’ by Sophocles

The paperologists Hunt and Grenfell

The finds at Oxyrhincus

Arthur Hunt’s speech to the Egyptian Exploration Society

(including the plot of Trackers)

The Hypsipyle tragedy by Euripides, also in the Oxyrhincus finds

The Bacchae as a satyr play

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