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Jeff Saunders - "All These People Here to Help People"
Episode 226th February 2021 • Accelerant • Daxko
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The best place to start a conversation with Jeff Saunders is, “what impact has the Y had on your life?” For Jeff, the answer is a career of telling the Y’s story and engaging people in the beauty and growth that comes from serving community. As the Vice President of Storytelling and the Y Experience at the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati, Jeff has his finger on the pulse of The Movement and dedicates himself to engaging as many people as possible through video and written storytelling. Some key takeaways from this episode include: 


  1. More than the song! The depth of the Y movement runs much deeper than the instantly recognizable song. The YMCA of Cincinnati measures their impact in how their members grow through achievement, build more meaningful relationships, and a develop a sense of belonging. “We want members to get to the point where the Y is their family.”  


  1. Reconnecting to the Roots. Jeff can’t stand it when people call the Y “just a gym.” COVID presented an opportunity for Y’s to reconnect to their roots and tell their story as a community organization. Jeff is passionate about igniting his community through service and connection, through thick and thin.  


  1. Try a Reset. “It’s time for us to get off the couch.” The Reset Challenge, in addition to other 6-week virtual community programs, helps jumpstart motivation for members around the county. Gain some honest insight from Jeff about finding a healthy mindset rooted in those three pillars; achievement, relationship, and belonging.   


This interview was recorded on January 29, 2021