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Richard McCann
Episode 75th January 2021 • On brand with .... • Deborah Ogden
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My guest in this episode is Richard McCann.

Richard has made it his life's work to seek out the 'rays of sunshine', the 'silver linings', and believes in the strength of the human spirit - his own story is testament to that.

Motivational speaker, best selling author and presentation skills trainer Richard inspires audiences all over the world.

Many of you will know Richard's story as it is well documented and has once again been the focus of media attention in recent months. However, if you don't, his TED talk tells it in his own words.

Richard's Story

Richard is the son of Wilma McCann, the first victim of the serial killer Peter Sutcliffe. In this conversation we talk about Richard and the impact this has had on his life choices and mindset, his resilience and 'CAN DO' attitude.

This is a conversation that will inspire you to examine your own life and question if you are living it to the full.

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