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Culture - How to Create One That Works (Hint: It Starts with How You Interact with Your Employees)
Episode 2927th January 2022 • Small Business Wakeup Call • Small Business Virtual Roundtables
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Small business culture isn’t a sign on the wall or slogans. It’s framed by the beliefs and values of the founders and key people and their work history, where they worked, who they worked for, etc. Add to this is how they grew up, family, personal experience framing their value system.

But how do you do it? How do you create a culture that embraces employees, customers and suppliers, while at the same time drives success?

In this episode, our hosts, Lonnie Sciambi and Stan Simkins, also known, respectively, as “The Entrepreneur’s Yoda” and “The Family Biz Doc” will give you some insights on how to create and foster a culture that is built on trust and respect for employees, that engages and motivates employees and emphasizes teamwork and risk-taking.

They’ll talk about how this starts with not only how you hire, but who you hire.  You always hire for the specs of the position. But it’s hiring for culture and for the best people you can find that makes the company better. 

They’ll show you how to create an environment of accountability, by not only defining roles and responsibilities of a position, but defining and extending the authority to carry those roles and responsibilities out. And making screw-ups (because there will be some) teachable moments.

We invite you to enjoy this session with your personal tour guides to business freedom, the dynamic duo of Stan Simkins and Lonnie Sciambi. And, as always, they’ll regale you with war stories, that both carry a solid message, lesson or may bring a chuckle or two.

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