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Ep. 55 - How Every Woman Can Rock Her Career + Be Fearless As She Evolves, with CEO of Career Contessa, Lauren McGoodwin
Episode 5515th June 2017 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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BOSS BABES assemble!  We have Lauren McGoodwin CEO of CAREER CONTESSA in the Almost 30 studio this week.  If you are: 1) Not sure what the heck you want to do 2) Looking for a new job 3) Want to advance in your current career....This episode is FOR YOU.  Lauren gets real and breaks down the current career landscape for women and how to effectively navigate it.  Did you know that there are more men CEOs named "John" than there are female CEO's of Fortune 500 companies!?  YO, take cover...KNOWLEDGE BOMBS AWAY.  We cover:


-the questions to ask yourself and potential employers as you explore different career options

-how Lauren went from hating her first job, to rocking it at HULU to CEO of Career Contessa

-why avoiding connecting with those with your job title or those with the job title you want is your major block

-how to ask employee for flex time (if you're having a baby!!)

-why investing in the quality of your site is everything

-how to show em' who's boss babe and ask for what you want

-how to network inside of your company and why it should be your priority

-how to detox your toxic work environment

-why ensuring that your co-workers like to work with you will take you to the next level in your career


Um, women supporting women for the WIN.  There is room for us all at the top!  As always, notebooks out..Happy listening!