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Albert Kragl (Guest Episode #1)
Bonus Episode20th February 2022 • Sports NextDoor • Max Cooper-Squires
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In our first guest episode ever Max interviews guitarist/songwriter Albert Kragl about his newest EP Invariant.

We talk the songwriting, creative process and mental state he embraced throughout the writing of this EP. The general flow of going from a single riff/melody to a fully recorded product, influences such as Plini and Periphery, the differences the instrumental genre offers musically to the listener, youtube success as Fenderrocker. 2021 music such as Normandy, Architects and Spirit Box, as well as a little Hoops and Tennis Talk to wrap up.

Check out the Invariant EP here: or here

Follow Albert on instagram @albertkraglmusic

And check out the youtube channel for the (or a lot of) Metallica Cover(s)