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How To Start Your SLP Private Practice with Jena Castro-Casbon
Episode 1129th June 2020 • SLP Money • Utterly Financial
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My guest on this episode is Jena Castro-Casbon, a private practice consultant who works with SLPs just like you to realize their dream of starting and growing their very own private practice.  Jena has helped over 10,000 SLPs get started and grow their businesses to their definition of success.

We talk about the importance of mentorship and how two colleagues helped inspire her to take the leap and start her own private practice. As Jena says, it only takes 1 client to start your practice, but that 1st client is always the hardest to get. 

We then talk about the 5 P’s to get your practice off the ground, which are to picture, protect, promote, payment (get paid) and prosper.

We wrap up by talking about the common reasons why SLPs are nervous to get started. From waiting until you’re an expert with a specialization to the fear of failure we talk about strategies to overcome these mental hurdles that cause SLPs remain an employee and not an independent clinician.

My 3 big takeaways from this conversation with Jena are...

1.   Use a tool to set the vision for your practice. Jena has a Private Practice Roadmap to help you get started and see if being a private practitioner is the right career path for you.

2.   Seek mentorship from someone who is a private practitioner. Just like Jena received guidance when she got started, many SLPs like to pay it forward and help others. 

3.  There is no perfect time to get started. If you wait until the perfect opportunity, you will never get your practice off the ground.

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