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Building a Legacy by Creating a Membership with Chris Ducker
Episode 1015th August 2019 • Behind The Membership with Callie Willows • The Membership Guys
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Chris Ducker joins Callie in the final season 3 episode of Behind the Membership to talk all about his membership site Youpreneur Academy.

Chris already had several successful 7 figure businesses before starting Youpreneur Academy four years ago, and here he talks about how his desire to create a legacy and help others achieve success led to him creating his membership in the first place. And how then niching down from focusing on general online businesses to personal brand businesses really made a difference to his results.

Chris also discusses how the positioning of the membership and its place in his ecosystem has evolved over the years as he's added additional features like a live event, new book and round table mastermind, as well as new projects he has on the horizon.

And Chris talks about how he spent 12 months testing the closed door model, and why he wouldn't do it again. How organic marketing and content is the key to their new member sales, and what he's doing to achieve a five to 6% retention rate, including the importance of growth records in his community, and why he's stopping his monthly member q&a call.

Plus, Chris reveals that he spends just three hours a week on the membership on average! Listen in to find out how.