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Finding Your Voice in Elite Sports with Olympic Gymnast Alicia Sacramone Quinn
Episode 427th February 2024 • Journey Together • Carrie Tollefson
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Alicia Sacramone Quinn is one of the most decorated US Olympic Gymnasts in American history. Now she’s a wife, mom to four, and a voice for upcoming elite gymnasts. Listen as she shares more about her story and why mental health in elite and professional sports is so important to her. 

Based on the career she’s had, you’d think that Alicia started gymnastics at a super young age, but she started when she was 8. She loved the drive it put on her to achieve perfection and she dedicated her time and attention to getting better, even when she felt like she wasn’t all that good at the sport. 

That drive saw her traveling the world in high school and attending Brown to continue training to join the US Olympic team. During her time on the Olympic team, there wasn’t a whole lot of room for voicing her opinions on what her body could and could not do at any given time, which is why she’s making sure that upcoming elite gymnasts know that they’re allowed to speak. 

She shares her thoughts on becoming a mother, why going from three to four was by far the hardest transition they’ve had, her advice for mom’s looking to put their kids in youth sports, and what she’s passionate about these days. She also shares her opinion on the state of youth sports today and why she believes they’re so important. 

Listen in to hear a fantastic conversation and learn more about what it takes to reach elite levels in sport. 


In this episode:

[00:25] Welcome to Alicia Quinn and learn more about her accomplishments. 

[01:23] How sport prepares you for motherhood. 

[02:55] Are her kids involved in sports yet? 

[04:31] Learn about her high school experience and her road to the Olympics. 

[06:09] Alicia shares more about her college journey as well. 

[08:34] How does she feel about the word “sacrifice” in relation to her career? 

[09:18] What did her parents do to support her and keep on track? 

[10:26] Learn about Alicia’s current work in the world of gymnastics. 

[12:11] Her thoughts on mental health and elite level sports. 

[14:54] How do you get your mind to calm so that you can do the work? 

[16:05] What advice would Alicia give to other parents considering youth sports?

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