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Follow Your Dreams with the Multi-Faceted Storyteller, Shannon Denise Evans!
Episode 164th May 2021 • Once and Future Authors • Stephanie Larkin
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Shannon Denise Evans has put her passion to work in all kinds of creative disciplines, from playwriting, composing, and songwriting, to being an author, novelist, and even more!

"Velvet Moon Chronicles: The Leveling," written originally as a Broadway play, transformed into the novel it is today through hard work and dedication. Shannon tells us how her interpretation of the story came to her in a dream and it spurred her to bring it to life!

In this episode of "Once and Future Authors," we dig deep into the journey that Shannon went on to write this novel. Taking 9 months to write her dream into a play, then 9 years to reconstruct it into the novel it is today, we cover everything.

Working closely and meticulously with her editor and friend, Michael Mendiola, they bring you a, part psychological thriller, part surrealistic fantasy, 5-Star Fiction novel, with strong characters and great suspense that will grab anyone!

Shannon's story will inspire you to never let something that is important to you go. She worked diligently to put her personality and authenticity into her work so that any reader who comes across it, trusts her to bring them to a true and deep catharsis.

Focusing on motivational, metaphysical, psychological thriller or surrealistic fantasy, Shannon always uses her craft to showcase intense feelings, such as consciousness and reality, grief and loss, the power of our own minds, and even more.

Join us today to become inspired with great tips and great insights into storytelling, with Author Shannon Denise Evans!

Find out more about Shannon on her website!

Find "Velvet Moon Chronicles: The Leveling" by Shannon and Michael on Amazon and its own website!