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TCA Ep960: Matt Goes 1 on 1 With Toronto Maple Leafs Fans, Checking In On The Blue Jays, The Winnipeg Jets Try To Pull A Fast One & More
26th April 2022 • Tall Can Audio • Tall Can Audio
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We’ve got a bonus show show for you this week with lots of news and notes from across the sporting landscape. Let’s hit it!

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Matt’s got tons to get to on this one including the fact that a bored billionaire has purchased Twitter to tell you what free speech is, the real story on where the Toronto Maple Leafs stand heading in to the playoffs and why things are nowhere near as dark as many would have you believe, the Toronto Blue Jays are punching above their weight when you consider all the injuries they’re currently dealing with, the Winnipeg Jets disingenuously tell you a new record has been set, NHL players with less than a high school education dumbly hating on the Vegas Golden Knights and plenty more.

We recently had Michael Barclay on the show to discuss his new book “Hearts On Fire: Six Years That Changed Canadian Music (2000-2005)” and the book is available now. You can find our chat with Michael here:

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