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Love In Your Life - Dolah Saleh EPISODE 73, 22nd December 2020
Living and Dying With Regrets
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Living and Dying With Regrets

Does everyone live the life that is "intended" for them, even when it doesn't look that way? Or do some of us get that wrong, and have to repeat our lessons in the next life?

We often hear it said that the life we have is full of intention. Our purpose is evident in the unfolding of our time here. What happens is prescribed for the unique evolution of our souls.

But then we have examples of those with whom we are familiar, living lives of quiet desperation. Are we to believe that this was their prescription? Did they really come here to suffer in a particular way that gets them the limited progress intended for them this time, which they then must continue in their next life?

We all experience suffering; it's part of the human condition. But it does appear to be true that while some seem to get it quite right, others appear horribly off track. It is often the case that these folks admit to being off the mark; they're not happy.

Maybe, no matter what it looks like, life is as it should be for each of us. If we feel an "imbalance," maybe we are using the wrong evaluation criteria. Maybe, it all gets balanced, with sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Maybe it doesn't matter a hill of beans, because this experience, where we believe we separated from our Source, isn't true at all. What we need is to come to that conclusion on our own, though, even if true.

No one is spared suffering but perhaps much of it is a matter of choice and perception.